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Covid19 actually acted as a true divisional timeline which divided the entire world in two eras : Before Covid (BC) and After Covid (AC). 

Everything got challenged & changed defining the new normal: 

  • Countries : a vaccine replacing nuclear war heads on power index
  • Infrastructure : Airports & Transport getting replaced by Hospitals
  • Manufacturing : World is searching for its new factory
  • Trade affairs : Globalization to Localization
  • Army now includes Doctor & Civil workers
  • Corporate houses : shifted to our home
  • Health is now the only wealth
  • Urban life style got replaced with basic necessity


  This distortion and its reflexes also brought changes to embrace:

  1. Air was never so pure
  2. We were never such self-discipline
  3. Digital adoption
  4. Sentiment to support our own nation is now a large movement
  5. Lot of us are now earning their livelihood based in rural India
  6. World’s trusting India as more dependable nation who can fight internal & border crisis simultaneously
  7. Realizing the real need Vs Greed
  8. Off track from rat race


To summarize – it gave us an inexorable pause, and a chance to reconstruct things in right & sustainable way but most importantly  to build it TOGETHER.

Narrowing down to our businesses it caught by 3 new normal : 

  1. Home offices
  2. Plants working with 1/3rd people (Social distancing)
  3. 70% – 50% salary cut


It was initially tough for me to understand: Why 10 – 15 years old organizations could not sustain the melt down of even 2 – 3 months?

The answers are many, but the few which connected me most are :

  1. Missing of trust economy
  2. Culture bias : Companies wanted their customers to go digital but not employees
  3. Always focused on Upgradation Vs innovation
  4. Worried about cost of experiments Vs benefits of it
  5. Forgot to Invest in Ecosystem Partnerships
  6. Attracted by low input cost Vs sustainability & building value


With all this learning I witnessed mayhem of Telecom & Job crisis. Saw thousands of smiles fading, few of them were my friends and few of them known faces. With each day passing names started becoming numbers and amongst this contest I found my cause and purpose to fight.

I named this this belief of strength as limon huddle and soon it started getting popular amongst community. People agreed on its need, appreciated the cause, liked the approach and instead started calling themselves as a huddler or limoner.

limon huddle

What does limon huddle mean?



Represents lemon. The very attribute of freshness is what we aspire to bring in our approach and business model.  Let me share it with

Example :

Sales – we treat sales as an action without which no company can grow but, we never valued it as a skill. Hence a successful Entrepreneur may have a virtue of sales, but a having good sales skill was never a definite virtue for becoming Entrepreneur.

We understood this problem and build our business model to support this skill. As an output we now introduce a fresh role play and contribute a word to the dictionary i.e. salespreneur.

Similarly the SME and Enterprises all knew that higher the number of people who represent their brand and product in market, higher shall be the revenue and faster shall be the growth. But, most of them 

The word limon  i.e. lemon also signifies the hindu religion belief of tying up lemon at the entry to protect from evil  (Covid19).



I believe we all come across a super hero in our life once, and their goodwill is infectious. I found mine in 2010  – Mr. Nariman Patel, a parsi stalwart who bleed blue, blue as in blue colour of TATA. He often use to quote Ratan Tata sir during his talks.

The very meaning of huddle is core of our business model i.e. to grow together and equally.

Example :

limon huddle : offers huddler i.e. salespreneur an opportunity to be a revenue partner i.e. beyond his entitlement of  fix monthly pay out or additional revenue share  that he gains from his account deal.

A huddler shall get revenue share of pan India business from each limoner we get on board with his reference.

Moreover a team huddle ups to reinstate a common belief, we intend to live this very principle & hence have freed all our huddlers to do any parallel assignment, non conflicting to our limoner’s.

limon huddle

What does the logo signify?

The logo was built with metrics of :

  • Clarity
  • Bold
  • Simple yet elegant
  • The one that can create a sense of liking at 1st sight
  • Easy to remember and archive from memory


The elements of logo are wisely chosen to represent every value of this organization:

  • No caps : we all are equal, and partners
  • Very common Calibri font style : We’re not blessed or born with silver spoon. Infact We’re huddle of common people, the one amongst you.
  • Minimal & simple design : Simplicity in vision, what we build and what we deliver
  • The leaf : represents the element of life, and is also our kitchen for self-sustenance, sourcing energy from sun (our inspiration)
  • Limon slice : signifies that there’s a piece for all. Also that we’re open to customization, and not only offering complete lemon
  • limon though big, is mounted on huddle: the pillar of organization

limon huddle

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