What is Limon Huddle ?

At limon huddle we convert your “Hello” & “Hi” to a “Handshake”

Every business needs Sales Team and Sales Reach, and we just to do that for you in a more Efficient, Economic and in an Accelerated way.

We provide B2B sales team with committed geography presence and even committed account mapping. Each one of our SALESPRENEUR has average 10+ years of experience and has have handled sales portfolio of ~100+cr during this journey*

But are we affordable?

That’s the beauty. We are not only efficient but also economical e.g. A state of Gujarat with physical reach of 5 – 7 people will cost you less than 1 lac/ month.

So why wait – just invite us for a tea.

What Problem do we solve?

For Enterprises (Limoner)

We become their B2B sales team taking their brands to committed accounts. We do this at low cost fix + variable on sales model. Protecting them from burning their cash plus offering them accelerated Market reach and growth.

For Salespersons (Huddler)

A unique opportunity to adopt entrepreneurship with committed fix payout, and enabling them with right set of products which they can offer it to their home accounts instead of them hunting in field making cold calls.

Why limon huddle?

I'm a Limoner

We get customers for your product, before it melts…

Are you an Enterprise with strong & proven product but, burning your cash and digressing focus from product innovation and instead building B2B sales arm.

What does limon huddle mean?


Represents lemon. The very attribute of freshness is what we aspire to bring in our approach and business model.  Let me share it with

Example :

Sales – we treat sales as an action without which no company can grow but, we never valued it as a skill. Hence a successful Entrepreneur may have a virtue of sales, but a having good sales skill was never a definite virtue for becoming Entrepreneur.

We understood this problem and build our business model to support this skill. As an output we now introduce a fresh role play and contribute a word to the dictionary i.e. salespreneur.

Similarly the SME and Enterprises all knew that higher the number of people who represent their brand and product in market, higher shall be the revenue and faster shall be the growth. But, most of them 

The word limon  i.e. lemon also signifies the hindu religion belief of tying up lemon at the entry to protect from evil  (Covid19).


I believe we all come across a super hero in our life once, and their goodwill is infectious. I found mine in 2010  – Mr. Nariman Patel, a parsi stalwart who bleed blue, blue as in blue colour of TATA. He often use to quote Ratan Tata sir during his talks.

The very meaning of huddle is core of our business model i.e. to grow together and equally.

Example :

limon huddle : offers huddler i.e. salespreneur an opportunity to be a revenue partner i.e. beyond his entitlement of  fix monthly pay out or additional revenue share  that he gains from his account deal.

A huddler shall get revenue share of pan India business from each limoner we get on board with his reference.

Moreover a team huddle ups to reinstate a common belief, we intend to live this very principle & hence have freed all our huddlers to do any parallel assignment, non conflicting to our limoner’s.

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Our customer always happy with our services

We use to majorly focus on government & PSUs. Thanks to limon huddle we're now expanding to Nation wide enterprises
Chirantan Patel
Director & CTO, Cursorsoft Pvt Ltd.
I can not work without limon huddle now
Niraj Vyas
VP Operations for GARVOO Inc.
Just connect & Expand
Umesh Sharma
MD Netcom Telecom Pvt. Ltd.

We love chai – coffee & Business

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