Hot cuppa tea…

Usually leads to win win conversations

be it with Teammates, Customers or Entrepreneurs!

limon huddle

What Problem do we solve?

At limon huddle we convert your “Hello” & “Hi” to a “Handshake”


Limon Huddle is a Technovated Salespreneur platform. It provides a fresh outlook to organization's physical sales need.


I’m a Salesperson and love interacting with MY customers. But tired of Cold calls, decent sales reviews & pay cut especially after years of experience.


Are you a Product company and Searching for a strong Enterprise B2B sales team?

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Because, We get you customers before your product melts…

limon huddle

Connect the Unconnected

350+ years of sales experience

30K+ LinkedIn Connects

Connect with 500+ CXOs / KDM / Influencers

Individuals with 80%+ deal portfolio

Mapped 2500+ Enterprise & SME accounts

Connect to 100+ active partners

limon huddle